Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Had another great "fight club" tonight. Swapping laughs and Kingdom stories, can't believe we get paid to do this. Hold on, nobody's getting paid. Its about right then.
Plan ahead and keep your calendar clear on January 9-10, 2004. Its secretive right now, can't say much, but let's just say that mayhem is coming to the Nati and your going to want to be a part of it! A lot more to come on this, but just think MAYHEM! can't divulge any more.
The Midwest Greenhouse this weekend is looking like a huge party of church planter freaks from all over. I seriously can't wait. Some of my favorite people. Mike Bishop is coming from Florida (staying w/me), the Best family from Michigan (staying w/me), the Blaylocks from Michigan, the Creeches from Lexington, God-willing the Palmers from Columbus, Mark and Beans from Indy, Johnsons & Jason from Oxford, the usual suspects from Cincy and many more. Its gonna be an awesome time of relational connections. We're having a unique "all group" gathering on Saturday, hope it all works out. Friday night is a bbq, relational time and the first ever "Brownhouse Pub" :) Its all really more fun than Christ followers are supposed to have.
Found this quote in my travel study for Ireland. Its a saying used in Pubs in Dublin to encourage relaxation and good friendships . . . "When God made time, he made plenty of it" = Relax, enjoy your friendships, they are a gift and a living reality of the Kingdom amongst us.


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