Friday, October 17, 2003

bad blog week for me, must be in a slump. Or it might have something to do with the fact that I've been up late watching the baseball playoffs everynight and being too tired to think during the day. @#$% Yankees, I hate 'em. But the charm of the continued curse on the Cubs and Red Sox is too funny. I mean, if you rewind and play in slow motion some of the highlights of the last couple days, you can see the exact moment when Chicago and Boston fans hearts literally are breaking in half, again. Pause, rewind, pause, slow mo, rewind. Hilarious. And atleast it was a former Red, but I cursed the day we traded Boone to the Yankees. Never make a deal with the devil, it will come back to haunt you. I've hated the Yankees since I was born with the exception of some great baseball guys whom I can't hate . . . Mattingly, Winfield, Jeter, Williams etc. As of the bottom of the 11th inning last night, I just became a Marlins fan for the next week. Go fish!

* This weekend is gonna be AWESOME! Our basement is about 90% done and we moved in furniture last night to make room for the Best's staying with us this weekend. We'll call it the "Best Suite". Starting @ 6, the Midwest Coalition is coming together to commune with one another, laugh, share stories, laugh, encourage, laugh, ministry report, laugh, resource, laugh, worship together, laugh, eat, laugh, consume some ale and a fine cigar, laugh, meet new folk, laugh . . . All hanging out @ the Brownhouse in Norwood, expecting 60-70 tonight for dinner and many more for our worship gathering on saturday night. I'm so glad we got childcare tonight so my wife can meet and greet without running after kids, y'all need to know her, she's a stud. Looking forward to hangin' with the st. louis crew, Bests, Sherwoods, Allis, Creech, Bean, Johsons, Canipes, Rains, Bell's, Palmer, Brocks, McGillivary's, Bowen's, Todd from Philly etc. etc. etc. The clans are coming out of the highlands and its time to celebrate. Celebrate the coming of the Kingdom of God, the simple truths we live our lives by, the richest of Kingdom friendships. Let's (as the Celts say) live in that "thin place" where its hard to distinguish between the Kingdom now and not yet. Come Holy Spirit, catch us up in a mystical union of you and one another. Amen.


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