Monday, October 13, 2003

just reading some of the comments from the gathering of emerging church folk in Atlanta with Rodney Clapp this past weekend and it sounded like another holy love fest. Its astounding to me how like minded Kingdom builders are finding one another and building sacred friendships quickly and organically, as we all dreamed. As an extrovert, it sounded like I missed a great party with great folk. Greg Quiring is a good dude, check out his blog, I feel so kindred with his heart and thoughts.

So how can the Midwest coalition follow up this great gathering in Atlanta? With a party of our own. Come one, come all, rock 'n rollers and out of controllers! Our next "all-group" weekend is upon us beginning with a shared meal at Vineyard Central on friday night, ministry and resourcing on sat. morning and a worship gathering on sat. evening for the whole family. So looking forward to hanging with some of my favorite leaders/friends/brothers/sisters. Receiving wisdom, support, care, and the kind of friendship I always dreamed of. More folk are coming from out of town and I say bring it on, but don't go falling in love with the Nati cuz when its over you have to go home and do your Kingdom thang there again :) Let the countdown begin cuz its gonna be another holy love fest.

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