Friday, January 30, 2004

Excuse me . . . excuse me please . . . ahem . . . tap, tap, tap . . . it this thing on? . . . I would like to make an announcement . . .

This just in, its official. God has said to go back to the Ukraine this summer. But its better than that. I'm not going alone this year. Mark Palmer from the Landing Place is coming with me and I couldn't be more stoked. We will spend one week in Kiev, Ukraine teaching at a church planters conference and then hanging with some house church folk in urban Kiev. Kiev is flooded with alternative, urban youth and I think Palmer has a part to play in helping them love these kids into communities. After about a week, we will head from Kiev to London, England for another week of connecting with missional community folk and doing some spiritual retreating. Our trip will be from July 28-August 10, its a long time away from family for us but its an adventure that we have been praying over for a few weeks and it is coming to fruition. I love a good adventure. God is good.


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