Monday, January 26, 2004

Snow days Rock! Pays to be a teacher on snow days. Actually it was fitting cuz I was up the night feeling the nausea. Let's see, had the Canipes and McGillivary's over for dinner on saturday night and since then my wife, Chad, Paul and myself have had a night of nausea. Either someone was a carrier of a virus at that meal or I infected everyone with food poisoning via my taco salad.

Took my kids sledding this afternoon, seem to be able to only do this once a year with them, good time. In light of all of our "women in ministry" conversations last week, I had a hang out time with Tammi Jo on Friday and my wife and I had coffee with Lilly Lewin today and Rob showed up a bit later with their son Mac. Its good to have honest discussion and then move past tension to the point of genuine understanding and compassion. We all have journeys that we walk and we are called to work out our journeys within the community of one another. I believe that these are friendships that will continue to grow.

I really fell in love with OCC at our Sunday Gathering again. Watching them share openly, take communion together, worship together and pray for one another, makes me feel so blessed. I remember so many dark nights in seminary, longing to help others in their Kingdom walk but I was in school and on the sidelines. I remember so many times telling God that I was a "pastor without a people". Well, I love these people. The good, the bad and the ugly. I'm so honored to be a part of their story. God is good!


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