Sunday, January 11, 2004

Mayhem has come and Mayhem has now gone forth. I will decompress my thoughts later this week when my mind is funtioning better. But for now I can say that it was really gooooood. About 260 folk who are passionate about mission, community and Kingdom discussed, worshipped, prayed, reflected, interacted with tension, encouraged etc. etc. I loved hosting the "boys", Jim and Doug from Michigan, John from Seattle and Neil from Seattle. Loved meeting fellow bloggers I had only known virtually. Loved hangin' with an extended community of brothers and sisters from the Midwest Region that have become family to me and my family. I love taking ground away from the enemy and wathcing him flee. I love hitting the hooka with some of my favorite people in the world :) I loved hangin' out with McLaren again. He has always made a point to affirm me in the past years and this time was no different, I soaked in his kind words and wisdom for me. I loved seeing OCC represent, interact, encourage others, do their part, give away the gift of Jesus to those they met. I watched them and felt enormously proud to be a part of OCC. I belong to a tribe of Christ followers that love me and love the world around them, nothing else really matters.
Abba, thank you for Kingdom Come. Your presence amongst us lingers within me. We are ready for your next marching orders . . .


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