Thursday, January 15, 2004

Since the point of Mayhem was to host a conversation and not be the "end all" for answers, here is the urgent topic that has come from the weekend. I'm still processing but here is Lilly Lewin's blog comments from acouple days ago:

"OK now for the RANTING... i just read through the notes from jeremiah smith on the conference ....
he noted that he was pleased with how many women were present. yes...there were women present, BUT many of us STILL FELT ALONE!
there were not women up front and maybe only one woman spoke during the question/discussion times.
there were no women leading round table discussions, there wasn't a roundtable for women in ministry,
the women were refered to as "gals" " the gals making coffee"...boy did that hit a nerve!
the only woman up front played music for worship and led prayer... but i didn't ever get her name.
there still seems...even in the emerging church world, to be distinctive roles for women and men
another "interesting" thing was the fact that there seemed to be a focus on family...being married.
i felt for the singles in the room. they were actually excluded from the round table on sex!
as if when you're single you aren't allowed to talk about this!
i am not the only one who noticed these things...and i do plan on talking to the "powers that be"
about what i saw and felt...but this lack of awareness among the emerging leaders is getting old!
and rather irritating!
done for now. lil"

what are your thoughts?

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