Thursday, April 15, 2004

Buffet of topics today:

1) At Fight Club last night we had a first, we allowed a woman to attend. Palmer was in town with his friend Amy so we allowed them to join us for dinner at P.F. Changs. Good spicy chicken, always good seeing Palmer and the usual suspects of FC. Palmer and I continued dreaming of the reality of our European pilgrimmage this summer, Ukraine, England and maybe touching shore on Ireland and Scotland. Afterwards, Chad, Rains and I went for some coffee and hashed over some life stuff and theological topics. One thing I learned from the culturally savy Canipe, apparently the Toyota Rav 4 is the vehicle of choice for women who prefer women. You fill in the blank.

2) The Cincinnati Bengals 2004 schedule came out and I found myself strangely excited. I'm already thinking through the games I want to be at (which is probably all of them) but especially excited about our first Monday night football game in like 10-12 years. In October vs. the Broncos, that's a must see. The draft is also coming and its in Marvin we trust, he has done everything right so far. I have a lot of optimism about the season this year. I know we'll have a first year QB, but I'm a believer.

3) 73 degrees tommorrow + friday evening = BBQ!!!!!!! Its time to get the parties started. I want to have no less than 20 backyard bbq's between now and October. I love having community friends over my house, new friends and strangers. Food, music, DVD's, fire, smores, cigars, pipes, brew of choice, Holy Spirit, Kingdom conversations, sports debates, movie recommendations, life sharing, encouragement, horseshoes, wiffle ball, cornhole, stars at night and the occasional coyote sighting. Bring it!

4) As an extrovert, I am trying to discipline myself to read an hour a day. There are so many amazing books on my shelf that I'm dying to digest but must force myself to do. Workouts and regular reading are the disciplines before me right now. That and a pile of paperwork that I'm buried under.

Stop and notice the Kingdom today.


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