Thursday, April 22, 2004

Ok, me and the fight club boyz went to the Reds game last night in my in-laws front row seats and something very appropriate happened: a fight broke out! After the 1st inning, both benches cleared after a collision at home plate. After tagging Casey out, the catcher stood over him and dropped the ball on his chest and walked away. Casey sat up, took the ball and beamed the catcher in the ARSE!! It was classic. I love Casey, named my dog after him, love his passion and fire. It was fun spoiling 3 of my best friends, giving them rock star status with the best seats in the house. However, Glenn performed one of my all time pet peeves: calling people on his cell phone to see if they could see him on TV. Glenn, that may go over at a NASCAR race in the south, but not when we're amongst the elite here north of the Mason-Dixon line :) Reds lost in extra innings but the night was a win/win. too much fun.


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