Monday, April 26, 2004

Weekend went by much too fast. Ali scored her first career goal in soccer on saturday morning. Not sure who was more excited, her or me. I was beaming. She really has improved so much over the past couple years, i love watching her play and improve all the time. I hope she sticks with it, its fun debriefing with her over ice cream.

Spend saturday evening in Norwood with many friends including Palmer who was down for the weekend a bit. Amazingly good ribs (atta boy to Aaron and Rains) and great conversation as expected.

Watched most of the NFL draft all weekend while doing other things, Bengals had a solid draft. Not a sexy draft, but a solid draft. We'll see how it pans out.

Had our 2nd student house church meeting last night, good discussion on authentic christian community. We talked of the idea of having to deny self in order to be in community. To accept others and be willing to take the risk to be ourselves and be accepted by others. That community does not allow us to choose how we feel like living, but calls us to a consistent life of Christ following. Community is hard, challenging, keeps us accountable, gives us belonging, gives us purpose and increases our freedom and growth in Christ. It appeared to me that this same conversation with students who mostly hold to a postmodern worldview, "get" the idea of community and circular thinking than adults who I've had the same conversation with but think mostly in linear terms. They seem to inherently see the issues and see life within the context of organic relationships, rather than within the construct of modern thought. As we continue to go deeper, it will be interesting to see what kind of story God wants to write with this group.

I can talk about the implications of community every night of the week. I think I may be a community geek. Confession over.


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