Monday, December 13, 2004

Nicki and I just had a family meeting and announced to the kids that we will be going to Orlando, Florida for Spring Break this year and check out Universal Studios, Island of Adventure, Typhoon Lagoon and lots of chill time at the pool. They are really excited, as are we. I'm not excited about the 15 hour drive each way, but its all in the name of family memory making. Ali misuderstood me and thought I said winter break, she said, "I can't believe we get to go there on Saturday!!!" I had to break it to her that she will have to wait 3 months. I love plannig trips so I will be single minded these next couple months. If your wondering why we tell our kids so far out, its because we like to have a special vacation planning night one night a week for the 10 weeks before we leave. We eat dinner together and then do an activity or watch a movie that correlates with one of the attractions at the park. Since we did Disney last year, for Universal this year it will be "Back to the Future", "ET", "Hulk", "Spiderman", "Twister", "The Mummy", "Shrek", "SpongeBob" and "Dr. Seuss".

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to take these kind of trips.


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