Thursday, June 02, 2005

Dogtown and Z-Boys

I just got finished watching a Documentary on the skateboarding craze in Southern Cali in the 70's. Not sure why I watched it, I've never been much of a skater but I couldn't turn it off. The rawness of their craft, their passion for creativity, their complete disregard for status quo, all of that I love. Its punk rock, its subversive, its underground, its primal.

As I continue to get older I am becoming more interested in my own artistic expressions and appreciating others' art. Art to me is and its various expressions is how to live life and not just take up space. The mainstream world is made up of consumerism, mindless loyalty to the "man" and more of the same. This is one of the downsides to suburbia, no individuality. The new strip malls all look the same and are professional at catering to consumer needs, but they lack true personality and culture. Its corporate America and its fascination with big and mega that bugs me as well. Of course I'm a part of the system, I like the comforts they provide but it all lacks style.

I've never had an "art" per se. I've never hung around circles of artists. But I'm finding myself longing to express myself in unique ways so that I know I'm alive and human. Im jealous of Keck and his skills in restoring cars, he's on to something there. I definitely can appreciate his art. Oh to be a Monster Garage artist.


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