Tuesday, January 24, 2006

is my 9 year old ready to blog?

Ali, my 9 year old daughter just wrote this yesterday. I found her on my computer and asked her what she was doing. She said she just felt like writing something to God. She has taken up writing and poetry this past year and seems to enjoy it as a past-time now. Here is her latest piece of art:

"Our life is only one chapter of this big book and there are thousands and millions of chapters to be written. We have a reason in life and it is written in that book. We look forward to what that reason in life is that is written in that book. And we hope someday we will see that book. That God will open up that book and we will know the purpose of our life. When that first chapter is over we that God will welcome us into the next chapter to heaven. We hope we are happy in heaven and that one day everyone will believe in Jesus and that every single person will be in heaven.

You find your meaning in life listening through prayer and reading the Bible and last but not least, you make the choices you think are right and God thinks is right. That is how I am going to find my meaning written in that book."

By: Alison J. Marshall

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