Tuesday, September 02, 2003

i feel crushed today. physically, emotionally, mentally, the whole deal. A full month of travel followed by my wife's traditional family camp on labor day weekend which I went to straight off my flight back from Boise. Sleeping in cabins, more athletic activity than the present state of my body can handle, our annual fantasy football draft on Monday night and then back to school here on tuesday morning. I'm not adjusting well. I feel behind the 8 ball and trying to dig my way out. I hate being away from home so much, i hate not being in my bed, not being with my family and feeling disconnected from my community. I learned a lot on this trip though, mostly thru listening to the Holy Spirit. I have much to report but not yet. The first big piece of news is that I'm going to drop myself from the DMIN program that I went to Portland to begin. I'll explain later, but have had real peace as a result. Hopefully this week i will have the time to bear my soul a bit and articulate what's happening inside my heart. Its good to be home.


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