Friday, September 12, 2003

Its FRIDAY, i think I've said this a dozen times already today but it still remains true. Its interesting in our culture how we dread through our work week to get to each weekend as sacred time. Its like religion. Know the orthodox protocol: Monday = recover from the weekend, ease into the week, Tuesday-Wednesday = put your head down and just work through the hump, Thursday = hope is seen at the end of the tunnel so cram a bunch in to free yourself for the weekend, Friday= begin to relax, wrap up loose ends, put off anything you can til Monday, then comes 5:00 on Friday and whistles go off, bells ring, happy hour begins. I have nothing but family time tonight and I can't wait. Even though my kids at times don't get along (pastor's kids) I am so relaxed around them. They are my primary community. So what's on for tonight? Go buy a wedding gift for Joe Long (can't believe my boy is getting married), movie night? out to dinner? games at home? who cares? Its family night and probably will involve ice cream at some point :) Hope your weekend is great. Stop and notice the Kingdom around you today.


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