Monday, September 15, 2003

"Lord, you have been our refuge
from generation to generation.
Before the mountains were born,
before earth and heaven were conceived,
from all time to all time, you are God.
You turn men into dust,
you say to them “go back, children of men”.
A thousand years in your sight
are like yesterday, that has passed;
like a short watch in the night."

This battle that we find ourselves is not a new one. Its not about modern vs. postmodern, traditional vs. progressive, organization vs. organic, mega vs. micro, excellence vs. simple or establishment vs. grassroots. It is an age-old battle of good vs. evil, flesh vs. spirit, Kingdom vs. destruction. If we are to fight this war well, we need perspective. We are not the first ones to lift our swords. We're not the first ones to suffer casualties. But nonetheless, we are here. And our King has seen it all. Nothing takes him by surprise. He is calm, he experiences no anxiety. He is determined to be patient for his Bride to awaken from her slumber and take on his nature. I feel humbled this morning before my God who has always been. You are the great "I am" and I submitt my will and my sword to you this day. Teach me your ways, your nature and I will lead your people to the great battles of your Kingdom in this age. I place my trust in you, you oh God are our reguge and strength. Amen.


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