Friday, January 07, 2005

Body for Life is going well, I've adjusted to the eating pretty well and the workouts are killing me, giving me that first week soreness. But even with the soreness, I'm feeling better already and that was one of my goals. I'm sleeping more soundly and have energy throughout the day. Sunday is my free day, so Hello pizza pie.

Our basement took on water yesterday due to the failure of our sub pump. Nicki and I spent a romantic evening last night pulling up all the carpet, tearing up the soaking wet padding and lugging it to the garage. We think we can salvage the carpeting and its under the constant attention of fans and dehumidifiers. Oh yeah, and none of the above is covered under insurance. I asked around for any Celtic prayers for flooded basements, but apparently there aren't any.

I must say that I am already sick and tired of self-rigteous preachers so quick to say that the Tsunami in Asia was assuredly the judgment of God upon people who worship idols, worship ancestors, persecute Christians and are living in disobedience. The candor of these proclamations have been incredibly arrogant as if they were so thrilled that God "got" those heathens. I believe that God can and maybe does pronounce judgment on his Creation from time to time for specific reasons, that's not the point. My point is, why are we so quick to point out the speck in their eyes and not even see the log that is in our own? American Christianity sometimes looks eerily similar to Phariseeism. Why are we so quick to judgment? Why are we glad about it? Will we be as happy when we are the object of His judgment? Where is our compassion for all the children of God? Jesus didn't agree with the culture and people of Jerusalem, but he still took the time to weep for them and over them. So as we are ready to pounce on the opportunity to declare the end of the world and all the prophecies of end times are coming to pass, we ought to remember that one of the signs is that the "hearts of many will grow cold". Some in the American Church can look in the mirror and realize that they are a fulfillment of their own obsessions with these prophecies.

The hard work of Christ following is love God and love your neighbor. Let's be about that today.


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