Sunday, January 02, 2005

Gonna change topics here a bit. Jeremy got his own blog, check it out. Charlie can be seen at his blog or his influence at My desire in this conversation is that it would be educational for all and I think it accomplished that. My next hope is that it has an impact in the way we love our neighbors and shape our faith communities.

Christmas vacation is over and now its back to work (boo hoo). I am also trying to get more healthy this year. So I have begun the 12 week Body for Life challenge which will end when our family leaves for Spring Break at the end of March. Its a combination of a balanced carb/protein low-fat diet and 6 cardio/strenght workouts a week. I wanted a plan that I could follow and this fits my lifestyle well so I'm committed. I also am challenging myself to run a 5K in mid-March and possibly a 10K at the beginning of May. These goals help keep me focused cuz it involves competition and well, that's a bit of my nature. I can only hope that if I am more disciplined in my physical life that it will carry over to my spiritual life.

The Bengals ended the season a strong 8-8 with huge expectations for playoffs next year. Coach Marvin Lewis is up for sainthood in my book. Even the Reds are looking to compete this year by spending a little cash for some solid players. But my next hope is that the Eagles can survive the playoffs and reach the Super Bowl where Terrell Owens will be back from injury. We've lost the NFC Championship game the past 3 years, but not this year! Its going to be a Pennsylvania Super Bowl, Steelers vs. Eagles. Good time of year to be a football fan.


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