Sunday, January 23, 2005

YO ADRIAN!!!!!! WE DID IT!!!!!!!!
Ok, I can remember the night, it was a cool January evening in Philly where I grew up, I was 8 and my heart was broken. Why? Because the Eagles had just lost the Super Bowl to the Raiders 27-10. Now 25 years later. we're going back to the Promised Land, that's right, the Super Bowl! I will announce it here, the Super Bowl party is at my house. The Menu? Philly Cheesesteaks, philadelphia style soft pretzels and east coast pizza (thin crust and greasy) that you need to fold to eat. After 4 tries, we finally won the NFC Championship game and now T.O. will be back for the Big game. Oh yeah, for the pre-game entertainment at my Super Bowl party will be an exclusive viewing of Rocky 2 so that we understand the heart of a Philadelpha champion. I couldn't be more pumped up, just waiting to see who our AFC opponent will be. Apollo Creed couldn't beat us, Clubber Lang couldn't beat us, Ivan Drago couldn't beat us and Tommy Gunn couldn't beat us, so what hope do the Steelers/Patriots have?

I leave you with a quote from Rocky 2. Rocky decides to leave retirement and fight Apollo Creed again for a re-match while watching Apollo trash-mouth him on national TV and then there is a knock on the door. He opens the door and standing there is his old manager, Mickey. These words follow . . .

Mickey: (looks Rocky in the eyes, pauses and says) "I think we should know his block off!"
Rocky: (replies with a stone face) "Absolutely"

It is so on!!!!! The train to Jacksonville just left the station.


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