Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I really like the feeling of realizing that I'm part of a Story that is bigger than myself. Sometimes you get the sense, or pay enough attention to realize that the moving pieces around you are converging for reasons that are other than coincidental. I had coffee tonight w/ the honorable Glenn Johnson and we ended up sharing about ideas we had for our faith communities to partner together. But as we shared back and forth, I got the sense that we were "meant" to have this conversation on this night. That somewhere there was a Script that was being read and this moment had been written into it for purposes beyond my present understanding. I don't know what could/will come out of our partnership, I just have the sense tonight that its meant to be.

I don't think we use our spiritual senses enough in the western world. We are so consumned with the scientific worldview of having things figured out, and corporate business models of proven strategies that we've lost some of the art of living in mystery. And with this loss, we have forgotten what if feels like to be alive. To be alive is to be active in the Story but not know what's on the next page. To be a character in the Script, but not know the entire plot until you see it unfold before you. This is living and thinking with the right side of our brain, the imaginative/creative side.

There are many who theologize that Jesus did not have much self awareness. That he also didn't realize who he was, and that it was revealed to him over time throughout his ministry and not until post-resurrection did he come to full realization that he was the Son of God and Savior for humanity. I don't take it this far but I do believe that Jesus denied his ability as God to have absolute knowledge and therefore took on the limitations to being a character in the Story who had to live in partnership w/ his Father for his work on earth. Jesus lived an adventure of following the Spirit. And follow it he did to fulfilling the crucial role in the larger Story.

When was the last time you took the time to reflect on your role in the Script? You are not a reader, you are part of the narrative. God gives us room to be creative w/ Him, to partner w/ Him as it works towards the larger theme of the Story. I want to know that I'm involved, that my life is in the pages that matter. I want my story to inspire more stories, to have a larger influence than the adventure and time I'm living in.

I thank Him for this realization tonight, but I wonder what His pen will write tommorrow? stay tuned . . .


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