Wednesday, April 13, 2005

En Fuego

Sometimes it seems that I have to be really still, disciplined and attentive to notice the Kingdom around me. That has nothing to do with the Kingdom, but rather just my distracted heart, restless spirit and the pursuit of my fleshly desires. All of that affects my vision.

Then there are times that I seem to be in presently. The Kingdom seems to be stoked around me where the heat is warming my days. Opportunities to proclaim that Kingdom Come seem to be following my brother-in-law's healing. There is a stirring to start a couple new house churches designed around specific life stages with make-up of these groups being Kingdom outsiders or those considering walking away from Christianity. Well, that demographic group happens to be my passion area and isn't it like God to match up our giftings with opportunities for Him to work.

We go through seasons in life. Seasons of sowing and seasons of reaping. OCC appears to be on the brink of a season of reaping. In the words of Jamie Minniear from my house church, "Let's get a little freaky with this God thing". Let's heal marriages, let's heal broken bodies, let's mend bruised souls, let's worship w/ primal urgency, let's teach w/ prophetic insight, let's reach out w/ extravagant love, let's pray unceasingly, let's proclaim hope in dark places, let's invite others into our communities, let's re-introduce the missing back to their Father, let's stick a sword right up the hind end of the enemy wherever we find him and his schemes, let's not stop until the final consumnation of all things.

Lord Jesus, may your Kingdom keep on coming on earth as it is in heaven.


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