Friday, April 15, 2005

Somebody start shoutin'

My drive to work is sometimes just plain dangerous. Some mornings it just all hits me. All of it. That I am a child of a God who stands outside of time and space and all the while pursues me with an intimacy that makes life worth living. That He is completely and Holy "other". I get overwhelmed w/ Grace, I get overwhelmed w/ the unfettered power of God, I get overwhelmed w/ His manifest presence . . . I get overwhelmed in my senses as a mortal in the presence of Eternal and Almighty.

It all makes me just start shoutin'! I cry, I weep, I am vulnerable before Him. He is my all. I don't have eloquent things to say in that time with the exception of "thank you, thank you, thank you". He is everything and He is enough.

I want the unadulterated power and presence of Christ to spill over into my students today. I want burning coals for their lips. I want burning coals for the places that ail them. I want Truth to divide hearts like a sword. I want deliverance of the Enemy from their lives.

Enemy, yes, once again I have felt your presence and now I can see your eyes. I don't fear you. You don't move me. I won't shut up. I won't be silent. I will not give up. I am not alone. I oppose you and I will get my orders today to disrupt your plans. The mountains tremble with a whisper from the King this morning, and I am all ears.

its time for the saints to start shoutin'


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