Wednesday, April 27, 2005

In the land of the half-living

What's better than 2 days of stomach flu? 4 days of stomach flu. It completely knocked me down and I am back to work today working at about 50% capacity. My strength is drained, my head is somewhere in a deep haze and my body temperature changes every 10 minutes. Other than that, its good to be back :)

I'm a little blown away at the generosity of those who are giving to Palmer's need. We are receiving donations from all over the world from people who mostly have never met him but have been moved by his situation. Some of you have given even though you had nothing to give. I got to school today after I was out the past couple days and found a coffee can full of change and cash that my students have been passing around to do their part. The Kingdom rolls on.

I have 4 days now to try and recover strength, stamina and lots of water.


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