Thursday, August 18, 2005

2 weeks since my last blog

Geez, that's a confession. It is due to the end of summer and the busyness of getting back to school rather than things to talk about. Sorry to many of my loyal readers, with school starting on Monday, I'll be back to my normal structure. I am incredibly unproductive outside of a decent structure.

Last night was the 2nd session of my next NT Survey course that I'm teaching at Indiana Wesleyan and the class is incredibly diverse. We are split between a handful of honest religious skeptics, people somewhere in the middle and a few Christ followers as well. It is fun and challenging to teach. I told my wife the other day that it is so much more fun than much of what I done in past ministry experiences because I am on the edge of trying to communicate the Kingdom to those who just don't buy it. Mostly I just sit back and let Truth handle itself, not just in content but in the Spirit as well.

My daytime teaching gig starts on Monday and besides my year-long NT Survey course there, I am teaching 4 quarter long courses to seniors. The first quarter is on spiritual formation and we will be using the student version of Dallas Willard's "Rennovation of the Heart" (Thanks to Bean Books. Check is in process, Bean :) I am really looking forward to our conversations and personally I'm looking forward to learning with them as well. Its all about transformation into the way we were always destined to be in the Kingdom.

Well, I'm off to have coffee w/ McGillivary. These meetings are my lifeblood. I suppose its the equivalent of an OCC staff meeting.

much love and peace to y'all and I promise to be back w/ more Kingdom goodness,

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