Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Religion and Jesus don't mix

There is a religiosity in the air sometimes and its stench wreaks. Usually it comes out in the form of judgmentalism towards others and guilt/shame within ourselves. Jesus called us to love our neighbors and experience freedom for ourselves, but somehow religion is just easier to do.

I kid you not that in my classroom that as I projected images of the hurricane in order to spur on a time of prayer, some students chose to mock it and be glad for a judgment on those sinners in Mardi Gras, or that the frenchies down there deserved it. Now I understand what hormones are, and how guys like to show off in front of the ladies and how sarcasm makes you noticed and cool, but this was too far. Some were just stating what had already been taught them re: this storm at church or home. Frankly, it enraged me. I honestly don't know how to teach in that moment. The students are used to me being easy going, but there's a side of me that is tired of the religiosity and wants to overthrow tables. How far should my compassion go in the ways of "boys will be boys" to "sometimes you need a swift kick in the pants"? We'll see how today goes but I just thought I would point this out lest we think the Pharisees died a long time ago.

I hate religion, I love the ways of Jesus. Teach me today Lord to know the difference between the two.

Stop and notice the Kingdom around you today,

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For my part everyone ought to glance at it.