Wednesday, March 15, 2006

another good day

Amy indicated that Mark had another decent day. They are letting his body process on its own a bit but he's had only fluids for almost a week. So he's feeling quite weak without any whole foods or nutrients. Pray for continued progress. pray for gained strength, pray for the cancer to go away. And don't ever, ever give up. We are all in it together. If he is better by Friday, they will let him take his next round of poisonous chemo which always makes him sick. I don't think anyone could question Palmer's toughness, the dude has been through so much. He is a 6' 7" rock.

Let him rise, Lord, let him Rise.

If you have any prayers left, my new job w/ IWU has me completely overwhelmed. Im still emotionally exhausted from my brother Chad's passing. Now training and traveling on the new job has me mentally drained. I will be traveling the next 2 days as well. Its just a lot of info. and a lot of organization, I'm swimming. Its gonna take me some time but IWU is a great place and people to work for.


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