Thursday, March 16, 2006

Anybody for some good news?

I made my daily call to Amy to see how Palmer was doing and who do I get on the phone? Palmer himself. HA ha ha ha ha ha, it was sooooooo good to hear his voice. We talked about the NCAA tournament, about the OSU Buckeyes playing tommorrow. He was up and alert, had his sense of humor and referred to me as "Pastor Marshall". Ha ah ah ha ha ha, I am loving it. He is not on supplemental fluids, rather he is drinking water and gatorade, processing it on his own and gaining some strength. His voice was positive and on the up. I'm even hearing rumors that his body is stopped up a bit but releasing flatulence to the duration of 8-12 seconds, thats music to our ears, the pipes are active.

Come on, Lord, come on with it. Bring your healing, bring your touch. Let him Rise, Lord, let him Rise. Everyday, more of you Lord. May your KIngdom come on earth as it is in heaven.


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