Saturday, March 18, 2006

Palmer update

Just talked to Palmer again in the hospital, such is the way with these kind of things, its up and down. The past day and a half have given him a lot of pain. He is in bed all day all night and his pain in located in his tailbone, so he's constantly w/out relief. His nausea continues to be his largest enemy. It keeps him from being able to eat, he hasn't eaten anything but fluids in over a week. No food = no energy and no being released from the hospital. His white blood count is also down making any chemo an impossibility, and he is considering refusing anymore chemo in lieu of some alternative approaches that are more wholistic w/out the poisons. He still has a lot of fight in him but he continues to suffer w/ a lot of grace. It just breaks my heart to hear his pain in his voice, I wish I could carry more of the load for him.

I need to put together another intentional fasting plan this week, please join me. The fight continues.


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