Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Prayer and Fasting for Chad Canipe

This day has been a bit over the top on the "heavy" scale. Rains and I visited the hospital where Chad Canipe was admitted a couple days ago w/ pneumonia symptoms. Since then, things have not been going well. His breathing has been labored and today they did a surgical biopsy. When they got inside, they found that his lungs are hemoraging badly. The results of the biopsy won't be known until tommorrow. He is in critical condition and is breathing on a resperator only. He will remain in critical condition until they identify what is happening to his lungs. Needless to say, this is a heavy burden for all of us, particularly for his wife, Renee and their 2 sons. On top of this, today is Colon's birthday (oldest son). His vitals are strong and stable, that's a great positive.

As Rains and I left the hospital this evening, we were debriefing w/ Chad's Mom. We asked if she needed any dinner and she said, "this isn't a time to eat, this is a time to fast and pray". So, at her request, we want to put out a call for people to consider fasting and praying for Chad on Wednesday. Pray for the lungs to stop hemoraging, for the biopsy to reveal a cause and for the doctors to have wisdom in their plan. Pray also for the family, they are heart-broken. Chad needs us, let's be community to him.

I spend the earlier part of the day w/ Palmer in Columbus and it was a great visit. We split a kettle of ginger tea at the coffee house, then for Asian food for lunch. Some sushi and pah tai, good good stuff. We had a lot of great conversations and just shared our friendship. He is a dear brother to me and my innards continue to war in prayer for his complete healing. We had a couple moments to just pray, that's always good. By the way, his wife Amy is just an amazing woman. Its fun to see her care for our brother, he's in such good hands. So, in a random moment in a public restroom, the Spirit spoke to me today regarding Palmer. He said, "Don't give up, just wait for what I'm going to do". Nuff said.

Last night, I made an apostolic visit to Creech in Lexington for some Irish food and deep conversation. It was good to see the Creech kids and Liz as well. Their new home just screams hospitality and "all are welcome" here. Im a big Creech family fan, it was a no-brainer to make the trip down and back.

Please consider fasting and praying for Chad. These are trying times. I'm gonna go get some rest, for when I awake, it'll be time to raise the sword again. There isn't a thing I wouldn't do for my brothers that I'm in community with, and I know the feelings are mutual.


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