Friday, March 05, 2004

been feeling under the weather the last couple days. the weekend will be a welcomed event.
I got a contract to teach again next year and I'll be signing it. I can't believe that I came to this job even though I didn't want it and now I'll be signing on for my 3rd year. It has brought stability and contentment. Who would have thunk it?

On a different note, I'm pretty stoked about the Bengals free agent moves so far. Webster is what we needed, a beast in the middle. Being that I played linebacker I love to see us upgrade there. Hering is a bruiser of a safety and both of these guys have Super Bowl rings. Its saying something in Cincinnati that we are more interested in the Bengals off season than we are the Reds who are in Spring Training. I will go see the Reds this year for social reasons only, the Reds did NOTHING to get ready for the season. Another year of uncle Carl just doing nothing.

hope ya have a good weekend.


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