Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I am in a stage where I am just enjoying life. I enjoy my job, teaching the 153 students each day just a little something about the Kingdom. Being able to stay out of all the administrative dramas that come with an organization, I just stick to my classroom and teach. I really enjoy my children. So fun to just sit with them at home. Paying attention to each of them and noticing something special, looking them in the eye, giving away the touch of their father, I love it. I am really enjoying my marriage. Nicki and I have been clicking pretty well for awhile. Keeping on the same page, feeling connected with her. I am really enjoying my faith community. They make me so proud to belong to them. I enjoy my time with them, such love and mutual encouragement. I feel as if my whole future is intertwined with them. I am finally winning some battles in my physical life. Been doing atkins and working out pretty hard for 5 weeks. Have officially lost 15 lbs. but have lost more size than that as I've gained muscle through lifting. I am enjoying the life that God has provided me and maintains through daily disciplines. In a world of seemingly endless obsessive compulsive disorder, I am feeling contentment. I think its less the result of something I did, and more of something that is happening to me and within me. Thank you, Jesus for peace today.

stop and notice the Kingdom today.


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