Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Ok, let it begin. T minus 50 hours and it will be time for the ultimate guy, late winter camping trip down in Red River Gorge, Kentucky. The Characters involved are Father Creech, Bean the bookseller, K to the Rains, Glen "Watch the Lamb" Johnson, Paul "the Englishman" McGillivary, a couple more guys from vine and branches community and Marsh madness will be in da house (or da tent). Imagine if you will, numerous tents for very large men, one 4 wheeler, one potato gun, a poratable canopy poker room, a few fishing poles, a fire raging larger than necessary, fine cigars and pipes, choice Irish/english ale and I hope Kingdom conversation under the stars til our hearts content. I CAN'T WAIT!!!
Come monday, the real stories from the weekend will come out. Lets get the party started.

Any camping advice from the peanut gallery out there?


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