Saturday, March 27, 2004

First things first. The Lord blesses his Jesuit children. I predicted a good run, and they have delivered. This is officially the best team in Xavier history having reached the great 8 for the first time ever. Now all they have to do is take out the hated Duke Blue Devils to get to the unheard of Final 4. Jesuit Catholics vs. Devils? I hope all my brothers and sisters out there will join me in supporting these kingdom workers :)

Been thinking a lot about monasticism this week and ancient forms of the faith. Paul Mc. and I had b-fast this morning and discussed much about how we see monasticism influencing our surburban communities. Then we went and worked our butts off at a property we are using for our OCC monthly community gatherings. Its a friends wooded lot and we gathered up tons of wood and made HUGE fires to burn them out. Then Paul got his hands on a chainsaw and, I haven't seen him that happy since he held the potato gun a couple weeks ago. Big fires and chainsaws, that's the good kind of work. But hard work is a part of our spiritual disciplines. The act itself has its own rewards. Its fruitful and productive. Whether you are nurturing children, laying cement, cutting wood or pushing pencils, our work has its own reward. If its just a paycheck, we may be missing the joy in the journey. Hard work honors God. Hard work fulfills the curse on Adam in the Garden. Hard work clears the mind. Hard work burns calories :) Hard work can create space in our life for God to speak. Hard work is good for the heart and soul. Monks had daily chores and property to upkeep so that work was a normative part of their days. We pray, we're quiet, we're reflecting, we're exercising, we're communing with the One who isn't busy or looking past this moment to get to the next. I think I just talked myself into some more work days at my friends property. Spirit lead on.


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