Monday, May 17, 2004

1) New look for the blog, thanks to p-mac "the computer kevorkian" for helping me out with some kinks
2) Saw "Big Fish" again and "13 going on 30" this weekend, I've heard tha "Troy" is not good
3) I am within 3 weeks of having a 2 1/2 month vacation (too bad I have to find summer work for $$)
4) I realized again today how many incredibly good friends I have (grandma taught me to count my blessings daily)
5) 6th Bell Senior Bible had some spicy conversation today, including sex, masturbation, sex, making out, sex, marriage, sex, lust and sex. God made it and called it "very good" but he also designed oneness intimacy for lifelong marriage. Good practical discussion of what we all think about and never say. I hope I made some sense today.


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