Thursday, May 20, 2004

ok, I suppose early morning posts are becoming more frequent. Its 3:46 a.m. and some things need to be said. For some of my senior Bible students out there who read this blog, this one is for you (Ben, Kris, Jon, Josh and others) I mentioned earlier that I have bonded with this senior class and I really didn't want to see them go, well, that reality is settling in more and more. I just woke up, having had a dream of their graduation and my heart is like, missing them. And to top it off, I dreamed I was burning them a CD and the last song was, (are you ready for the sap?), Boyz 2 Men "Its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday". <<< insert tear and "you had me at hello"

Yesterday was the seniors last chapel and they led it from top to bottom. I'm going to go as far as to say that it was the best worship experience I've had in years. I mean, it makes me giddy thinking about it. My whole goal for them this year was to do everything I could to get them to think for themselves, believe for themselves so they could lead on their own. They entered this chapel with some opposition by some on staff who just don't understand them nor their culture to express themselves. I have watched time and time again, a spirit of legalism try to control the faith in these students that is dying to coming out. As I was jogging on Tuesday, all of my prayers were centered on them and this chapel and God spoke to me on behalf of them. He said, "tell them not to let anyone look down on them, but if its in their heart to worship, then worship. If its in their heart to lead the people, then lead."

Worship sometimes is done with a chip on your shoulder. In the face of oppostion, spiritually and sometimes physically in history, true worshippers let it rip. These students yesterday led us all with a passion that I have LONGED to see in my day. Out of the experience,they confronted legalism and said they refused to shut their mouths, but that their faith would have a say. They took their hurts, struggles and losses and instead of letting them fester more in bitterness and negativity, they symbolically brought them before the Healer who makes all things new. They raged towards God with honesy and authenticity and I loved it. Tears were streaming down my face, I wanted to come out of my skin, I wanted to dance, I wanted to celebrate the God they were exalting, I wanted to run, I wanted to get out of the way. There is a time when the teacher needs to step aside and let the student lead them when they are ready. That time was yesterday. They made a statement before the entire community of CCS and it was God honoring. They blew the roof off in worship and heartfelt words. I am soooooo proud of them and yes, they will be missed. Its not over though, next wednesday, I will act as one of their "chaperones" for their senior trip to Virginia Beach. It will surely be a blast and I look forward to passing on to them any last words of wisdom I can impart. More than that, I look forward to just spending time with them.

U2 has often been asked why they don't embellish the "sex, drugs and rock 'n roll" rebellious lifestyle. Bono says, their faith is their real rebellion. Our faith is not to be tamed, its not to be controlled, is not to be put under a blanket. Our faith is a primal scream, its our rebellion, Its a rebellion against our sinful nature and its a rebellion against the way things are with a longing for them to change. To cry out in deaf world that we belong to the One who is making all things new, that His Kingdom reigns now and not yet. Our faith breathes life into dry bones. Thank you to the Seniors who breathed life back into my heart yesterday. Much love.


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