Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I actually have really good things to report on but lacking the energy to give them due justice. I wrestling with like an inner ear infection that is messing with my head, my hearing and my energy. But here is a short list.

1) Had a pretty blessed time traveling with K-rains to Harrisburg, PA and retreating with some missional community leaders there. We just really affirmed what they were already doing. The highlight was hanging out with my bro, Rains for the weekend. We laughed ourselves to tears for various reasons and dreamed of more Kingdom stuff in the future.

2) I had another niece born this morning. Rob and Becky had their 3rd daughter, Kate came at 4:20 a.m.

3) Will be attending and speaking at the MBC annual conference next weekend with the McGillivary's

4) Will be chaperoning prom this friday night and the senior trip to Va. Beach May 26-30. Its that time of year.

blessings upon your week.


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