Friday, May 07, 2004

Memories of 80's Prom fashions.

Going to Prom tonight with the wife as "chaperones". Of course prom for a Christian High School involves absolutely no dancing, but rather dinner and socializing. For my wife and I, senior prom was our first official date. That was 13 years ago. We attended different high schools and our proms were on the same night. So we went to mine first for a couple hours then headed over to hers. The only problem was that I got lost for about an hour and refused to read the directions. Why Nicki didn't move on to a more evolved human being at that point, is beyond me. Perhaps it was my pink bow tie and cumberbum that kept her interest peaked. I do remember Nicki looking ubelievably "HOT" that night. She was tanned and all done up, I would have walked the streets of Cincy all night just letting people know she was with me. My principal pulled me aside and said that he was casting his vote for us as "best dressed" because of our perfectly matched pink hue. We didn't stick around to see if we won or not. I was already pretty sure that this girl would be the one I would spend the rest of my life with, but now 11 years of marriage later, 3 kids, a home to call our own and a faith community we love and belong to, it seems fairytale-like if it wasn't for all the hard work it takes to get here.
I will enjoy tonight. I have bonded with this senior class and I really don't want to see them move on. I suspect some of these friendships will be life long. If there is Karaoke tonight, I will lay down something proper of the 80's genre. But because of the Christian School culture, there will be no "Safety Dance" :)


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