Monday, May 24, 2004

Just checking in at this early hour to say that I had a great weekend. Friday night BBQ was awesome, so many great friends hanging out under the stars, around the fire in my backyard. Its one of my favorite things in the world, everything seems so right when we do that. Bill Bean spent the night friday night and we had some great fellowship time accompanied by an important conversation about the kinds of spaces our communities have within them and how to read the story God is writing amongst us. We ended our time by seeing "Troy". I give it a 6 on the 10 scale.
Saturday morning, Ali finished off her undefeated soccer season with 2 assists. Saturday night we went to the drive in with the Minniears to see Shrek 2, also a 6 on the 10 scale.
Sunday morning OCC leadership team meeting to discuss our June 13 big party and planning. We are also looking to throw together an "underground worship" event in the next month, stay tuned.
Went to the Reds game with my brother-in-law Sunday, saw Cory Lidle pitch a complete game shutout against the Astros for the Reds to move into 1st place. They are shocking my socks off so far. I'm glad I was wrong about them. Sunday evening student house church (we need a real name)was pretty cool. Really in depth conversation around some of Dallas Willard's concepts in Divine Conspiracy, good time. There was some energy in the room last night, the Spirit is doing stuff we can't see. Community is happening, I hope this story has many more chapters, these are some gifted students who just need some hope and a reason to believe. I pray we go to the center of the life of God together.
I have 2 days to get a lot done before I leave with the seniors to Virginia Beach. Have a blessed day.

Stop and notice the Kingdom amongst you today.


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