Monday, May 10, 2004

Instead of karaoke or dancing at Cincinnati Christian School prom, the students were presented with Charlie Cadabra. Yes, Charlie Cadabra. We don't dance or do music because we are afraid, we're afraid of teenagers with feelings, emotions and hormones. We have all of our own repressed guilt and shame regarding our own sexuality so we certainly can't expect teens to handle themselves in any healthy manner. Rather, let's picture them as a-sexual 7 year olds and hire a magician (who lacked serious quality, felt sorry for the poor guy). The students were very polite, they could have made it hades for the guy, I was proud of them for that. So the night was not about the students, it was about another message that we have no real answer for the "world" and its desires. Rather, we sell a gospel of fear. Oh by the way friends, we're losing this game in evangelical Christianity. The game of sexuality that was God's idea by the way back in the Garden. He called it "very good". But our best idea since then is to live in fear of our sexuality, repress it, pretend its not there, push it underground and attach shame to it. By not addressing the issue or blushing at the thought of it, we reinforce our position of completely IRRELEVANT. If the game was being irrelevant, we are going for hall of fame status. Rather, our teens have to figure it out for themselves, Gospel by trial and error.
When oh Lord will we recapture your Garden intention? When will we face our insecurities and fears and overcome them through your redemption of the "whole" of us? Who will take on the arrows of shame the enemy hurls at us and repel them with truth and goodness? Well, apparently not us here at CCS.


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