Thursday, November 04, 2004

Do you ever hear a voice calling you? I'm not talking about audibly, I'm talking about the times when you listen with your soul? This morning I hear a voice calling me. I wonder if its the same voice that calls to the deep and the same voice that thunders in the sky. Its the voice of a Creator who governs the universe and keeps his eye on the sparrow. Its a voice that gives incredible clarity to this thing we call life. Its a voice that helps me see whether I've been flying right side up or not. I think I've been looking for perspective lately. But how can I get His perspective unless I unplug myself from this world's systems? How can I hear until I'm quiet in solitude not allowing other voices to distract? How can I strip myself away so that He's the only voice that is left? I long to follow that voice. I long to obey whatever it says. I long to be shaped and molded by the coals from his flame. How can you ever know who you really are unless you unplug from this system and hear his voice? I want to act in the power of the resurrection, but only he has those resources. I want to walk in His stream if only to know that I belong to Him. His ways are not our ways and His Kingdom is not the one easily seen. For those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

I want to hear today that distant voice.

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