Thursday, November 11, 2004

First off, let me say this. Go here ( and buy Beth's CD if your looking for something honest, authentic and stripped down. Its a really beautiful piece of raw worship. Beth's heart and voice has been in my truck this week and the Spirit has been imminently present. I may be buying a few myself for Christmas presents this year. Thanks for your giftings and artistic pasion, Beth.

Secondly, I am attending a Christian teacher convention today and tommorrow in Dayton that our school sends us to every other year. I attended 3 seminars on postmodernism today and they don't have a clue. They are spending all their time setting up a culture war and not getting to the heart of the matter which is that we are losing the hearts of our students. The answer is not to bash Michael Moore and the rest of hollywood. The answer is not to play pop-philosophy with elementary logic about truth. The answer is not to preach to the choir about how right you are. The answer is the Incarnation. The answer is to enter in, not to declare that your right, but to love. Truth does not need to be defended, it shows itself to be true. Students need people who care enough to give them a reason to encounter Truth. When oh when are we going to learn? Its not a battle over ideas, its a spiritual battle for hearts. We don't need anymore "us vs. them" dichotomies, we need to embrace all those outside of the Kingdom of God as his missing children. We are as pompous and prideful as the Pharisees, we lack the simple graces of humility and love. I am beginning to really embrace being an influencer as a teacher, but I share little in common with this propaganda of a culture war. I am not interested in cultural issues, I'm interested in the heart, for that is where our external behaviors come from. We don't love because we memorize long Bible passages about love. We love because the Spirit of the Scriptures is within us and compels us to be like Christ as revealed in the Bible. Postmodernism is not a threat. Relgious minded arrogance is the threat I'm concerned with.


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