Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Man, it was so good to have fight club again tonight. Its been a long, long while since we got together with lots of transitioning, injuries, scheduling conflicts etc. But back we were again. Rains, Canipe, Johnson, myself and a guest appearance from Joe Long. (Hey Joe, love the CD mix, and part. the intro.) Our topics ranged from 40 foot fires, potato guns, life insurance, things not to say to your wife, jelly donuts in our spinal columns, head injuries, emergent news, eschatology views, Israel as metaphor, home buying, group leading, world systems, music tastes and a ton of laughter. I love not being alone in what I do. Sometimes I feel that I don't do enough, that I should be accomplishing more, I should be more missional, more productive, more intentional etc. etc. These guys help me relax and just be myself. Think Kingdom, act Kingdom, love Kingdom and be Kingdom. Good friends are to be treasured, I appreciate these guys. They spur me on towards love and good deeds. I am never alone. Fight Club is back.

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