Monday, November 22, 2004

I'm stranded here at school and our new computer has been delivered at home. The new member to our family is an iMac G5 w/ wireless keyboard and mouse. I want to go home right now and set it up and begin playing like a kid in a candy shop.

My grandmother back in philly is failing in her health again the the doctors have given her just a couple more days to live so our holiday plans may be changing. This got me thinking this morning about what it must be like to be ready to see Christ face to face and to long for it. There are great relationships here on earth, but I can hardly imagine what seeing Jesus will be like. I experience His presence now but only in the spiritual. Will I one day see him in the physical? I mean the real Christ? The One who has brought truth to my existence. Amazing thing we call life. I pray my Grandmom Marshall walks seamlessly into the arms of the one she has worshipped her entire life. There are parts of me that envy her for that experience, but I'm content rocking this life for a few more decades.


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