Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I've been reflecting on the Kingdom that has already come. For so long, I believed that my Christianity was about some day going to a place called heaven or waiting for Jesus to come back and take me there. But as I read the N.T., I don't see the evidence of that. Rather, I see a Kingdom that has already come. A Kingdom that came in power, however oddly wrapped as a child laying in a manger. Jesus lived the Kingdom life, sinless, loving, forgiving, gracious, righteous, indignant towards evil etc. He said things like "if you've seen me, you've seen the kingdom" and "I am the bread of life, whoever eats of me will never go hungry again." You see, I eat other things that don't really satisfy. They seem like they will help me, but they end up being a counterfeit to the real thing. I have tasted and enjoyed the reality of Kingdom come, but I haven't had enough. I want more, a lot more. There is still sickness and pain all around me and the eternal kingdom will be wiped clean of those. I see the hearts of many grown cold, not caring anymore and living only in their own cynicism and lack of trust. I see brokenness, decay, heartache, failures and counterfeits. I want to be a conduit of Kingdom come. I want to touch and to heal, I want to speak and see transformation, I want to love and see hate dispel, I want to prophesy and see hope well up, I want to forgive and see freedom, I want to proclaim and see conversions, I want more than I see now. i want to be a conduit for Kingdom come because I'm tired of seeing people around me in pain and in bondage the ways of this world.

Wednesday is an off day for me at school. I have chosen to spend a portion of it in solitude and contemplative prayer seeking the Jesus who is Kingdom come.


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