Monday, December 12, 2005

Getting over a case of Vertigo

Some friends, the wife and I went to Cleveland to see the 4 lads from Ireland known as "U2". And . . . it was an amazing show. Man, there are few experiences I have in life where I just feel comfortable in my own skin, but I think I was designed to enjoy U2 live. There is just so much to it that I appreciate . . . their ethic as a band, their meaningful teachings, their connection to their audience and of course their passion, night in and night out. Truly a great show.

I am as well a bit overwhelmed with something my Father-in-law celebrates called "early Christmas". It usually is some simple, practical gifts from a drugstore given in early December. I have received toothbrushes, jumper cables, power stips, ice scrapers etc. etc. Well, this year he gifted us with generosity that completely overwhelmed me to tears. It will help to relieve stresses that I've been carrying for quite some time. I am a receiver of blessing so I need to go and bless those in my world today.

Stop and notice the Kingdom around you today,

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