Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Its a Wonderful Life

Ok, I'm gonna geek myself out here a little bit. I am a HUGE "Its a Wonderful Life" fan, like HUGE. I haven't watched it yet this year, I'm saving it for just the right time. I need some warm coffee in my hand, my wife and kids nearby, the house lights turned off, candles and christmas lights only. I love the human story, I love watching a man of integrity serve his heart out on behalf of the good of his community, and when he needs it most, he gets blessed beyond measure.

Well, I would like to testify as well to my own "Its a Wonderful Life" moment. Last week I was wrestling with all kinds of controversy of perceptions around me, my teaching, my ministry, my personhood, my intentions etc. It was personally a bit difficult. It is presently being processed in a much healthier manner. But, I have to testify to the personal support of the many who took the time to express their love and gratitude towards me. You see, my love language is "spoken words" and I was completely overwhelmed. Words can't say what you all meant to me, but here's my list of thanks you's:

1) Ordinary Community Church - you set aside our community agenda and made me the agenda. As you layed hands on me, the peace of God dispelled fear. You are the people that I belong to, a true Church.

2) CCS students - my surprise birthday party complete w/ a Bengals cake, a pile of over 40 heartfelt letters on my desk communicating the impact of my life on yours . . . unspeakable joy they mean to me. I'm not sure it was the letters or the means by which they were given, students randomly walking in all day and dropping them on my desk without a word said, so rock star like :) And of course my white board being filled every inch with well wishes and love.

3) Network friends - Klinefelter, Doc, Palmer, Bean, Creech, Canipe etc. etc. My brothers always have my back, I live daily with friendships that I would lay down my life for.

4) Landing Place Kids - your emails carried so much weight, filled with meaning and hope. I'm hoping to get up to C-bus over the Christmas break and see the Palmers and send my greetings to LP.

5) Blog readers - I know you prayed, I know you care. People ask me, "Why would anybody blog?" Well, I guess its because I'm addicted to authentic friendships and community.

6) My wife - you reminded me of the reason that I fight, you put my sword back in my hand and told me to get back on the battlefield. You vowed that you would always believe in me, and well, once again you proved that you do.

The angel Clarence wrote to George Bailey: "No man is a failure who has friends". I'm living a wonderful life.

Take the time to invest in real relationships today,

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