Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Road to Recovery

Yesterday's services went as we had prayed they would be. Filled with hope, love and life. The sanctuary was packed, our family is so thankful for all the support we have received. We came home after the reception last night and just absolutely crashed w/ exhaustion. We've been passing around all kinds of sicknesses, but mostly ignoring them these past few days for grieving. Now they are here in full force. Nicki is drained w/ an illness, Zach and i are still recovering and the girls seem to beginning their own. Today is just about rest.

It will be a long road of emotional recovery, but we are committed to Rob and Becky for life. I am Sydney's god-father and Nicki is Paige's god-mother, roles we take very seriously. Let alone our family connection and that we are in a covenant faith community with them. In fact, Nicki and I have had our final resting places purchased during all this drama which means what we have said with our words will ultimately be true, "that we want to spend the rest of our lives in Cincinnati and be a part of God's Kingdom coming to earth". That is our specific calling. Its a bigger idea than being in ministry, planting any one church, teaching in any particular place etc. We are here to do God's will on earth, whatever that looks like, specifically in the context of Cincinnati.

Pray for rest for our whole family, its been a very rough and sleepless past few days. The future days of recovery may involve some anger before acceptance comes, pray for this as well.


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