Thursday, May 08, 2003

began the day at the downtown Cincy courthouse, that's never a good thing. That place just gives me the creeps. Something about the fact that the whole place is based on brutal conflicts and I'm a peacemaker. Its just not my thing. But the student I'm supporting rejected her father's plea bargain so we're going back to trial at the end of June and it won't be pretty. I may be called to testify but I'm doubting it.
i hope to find out from the school tommorrow if they have worked out the deal for me to come back and teach next year. It would be a burden off my mind if I knew that was for sure. If not, it changes the whole complexion of my summer.
Will be going the Reds game tommorrow night with the fellas and meeting up with more at the downtown festival deal with tons of bands playing on the street. Life is good and so are my friends. Got to retire early tonight, have to report to the school at 6:30 tommorrow morning. Dang day jobs always get in the way.


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