Monday, May 26, 2003

Last night, Craig Spinks and I hung out and began the initial planning of our time in Dublin, Ireland this August. I will be going with the MBC (church planting conference) to the Ukraine from July 30-Aug.10 to put on 3 multi-day seminars on the basics of church planting. My role is to teach "How to interpret culture?", "Evangelism in the New World", "Heart of Worship" and "Developing a Core Group". I'm looking forward to this opportunity although the culture/language barriers will be significant and being away from my family for that long is unchartered territory. (Not looking forward to that part) But the main event for me is a spiritual pilgrimmage at the end of this trip to Ireland. Ireland calls to me in my sleep. I fell in love with the Celtic Missionary movement of the 6th century under Patrick and it has been a huge influence on the way I do church today. Since then, Irish culture and the Emerald Isle has gotten my attention. If that's not enough, its the home of the greatest rock band in the world, U2. (Bono believes that his faith, not his music, is his real rebellion. I resonate with that.) So from Aug. 11-15, I will be in Dublin with Craig Spinks (video producer extraordinare) who will meet me there for those days. We wavered on whether to travel to Scotland or England but opted to just spend our time in Dublin and surrounding areas The plans are just beginning but already on the "must do" list is the tour of the Guiness factory (surprise, surprise). I am so looking forward to a time of fun, experiencing Irish Pub culture. As well I look forward to connecting with the Spirit of the land where art, music and dance are more normative expressions of faith than 40 minute sermons. I look forward to connecting with the God of Creation and in seeing what Patrick saw. The castles, the coast, the crosses, the history, the land, the people, the friendship, the journey and the experience. The Emerald Island is calling me.


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