Monday, May 12, 2003

had a good weekend. hung out with some of the fellas on Friday night, saw a great Reds game (they won in bottom of the 10th). We skipped Jammin' on Main as there was no one we wanted to see and noticed as we passed that Joan Jett was bald. That just ain't right.
After the monsoons on Saturday, had a very successful garage sale in which my kids made enough $$ to spend at the store on more toys to replace the ones we just sold off. Aren't we just the model of consumer capitalism?
Our "next" meeting (ordinary community leadership develpment) on Sunday was a bit too close to home. we talked of the idols (sin) in our lives that are a result of us trying to get our own way. Self-protection, self-exaltation, self-absorbed, self-centered etc. This was followed by an Epic battle last night with my 6 year old at bedtime. It was a battle of the wills and the fight was on. Her and I duked it out and that girl held her own. Regardless of my tone of voice, she still insisted on her way. We both were determined to win. It never crossed my mind that I wouldn't win. Apparently it didn't cross her mind either. (Why can't she take after her mother?) I saw so much of myself in her last night, it was frightening. In the spirit, its prophetic leadership. In the flesh, its just obnoxious and self-centered. Of course it ended with my wife as the mediator, having a calming effect on both of us.
Why do I wax eloquently and write articles on leadership outside my home but in a moment needing strategy and care with my daughter, she got the leftovers? My daughter gets my shepherding scraps. That feels shameful to write. God, forgive me and redirect my attention to the things (people) that matter. I will reconcile with my daughter tonight. I suppose an apology and ice cream should do the trick.


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